IC3600SFPB1 – Speedtronic Mark II-Generator Drive Circuit Board – UNUSED

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  • IC3600SFPB1 is Speedtronic Mark II-Generator Drive Circuit Board Manufactured By General Electric.
  • The IC3600SFFB1 model is categorized as a Generator Drive Card module, and it regulates the amount of fuel and voltage that are equalized between the gas turbine’s connection to the generator and the turbine’s control system.
  • Minimizing turbine shutdowns that might result from control system failures is the fundamental design premise of General Electric’s Speedtronic control system.
  • Then, redundancies were considered when designing the Speedtronic control systems in order to improve the GE gas turbines’ running reliability.
  • The IC3600SFPB1 controls all of the GE-designed gas turbines’ operating parameters, including speed, acceleration, and temperature regulation of the hardware.
  • This type of generator drive card is intended for turbines ranging in size from tiny individual unit turbines with a horsepower of 4,000 to 400 megawatt combined cycle turbines.
  • Speedtronic technologies are necessary for these turbines’ base loading, power blocking, peaking performance, and utility management.
  • The fail-safe architecture of the Speedtronic systems enables them to operate in the event of any hardware problems in the turbine.


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