IC3600QIXA – REFURBISHED – General Electric Jumper Circuit Board

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Manufacturer: General Electric


Series: Mark I & II

Title: IC3600QIXA–General Electric Jumper Circuit Board


Product Description:

  • IC3600QIXA is a jumper connection circuit board
  • This component is manufactured to use in Mark I & II  turbine control series.
  • The Mark I and Mark II systems automate chores including load and speed control, gas and water injection, troubleshooting, and the safety of the turbine equipment and those who use it.
  • Near the top of the IC3600QIXA board, a line of twenty (20) metal prongs can be found.
  • These prongs are grouped together in five-prong collections that are lined up in a row, and each of these groups is indicated in yellow type at the top of the PCB.
  • A second row of large metal prongs runs along the bottom edge of the IC3600QIXA, and these prongs are similarly identified by numbers written in yellow. These prongs are arranged in a long row that runs the length of the PCB.
  • A series of white wires connects the two rows of metal prongs.


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Dimensions 34 × 18 × 10 cm


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