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Manufacturer: General Electric

Part No.: DS3800NGDC

Series: Mark IV



  • The DS3800NGDC is works as a ground detector board Manufactured by GE for Mark IV Gas Turbine Series.
  • Three cement wire-wound resistors are included on this board. Two of these are elevated away from the board, with the wires held in place by nylon plugs.
  •  On the board, there are a number of additional capacitors. Two (blue) 25V 100 μf capacitors and two yellow Seacor polyester DC foil & film axial lead capacitors (600v.) are included in the DS3800NGDC.
  • Along one edge, there is a line of spare PTH (plated through holes).
  • The board contains four integrated circuits and three transistors, including one bigger Motorola transistor.
  • There are six test points, which are labeled TP0 through TP5. The ground point is TP0.
  • Along one edge, there is a three-pin header (male).
  • There are two snap-in PCB mounts on the board, as well as different resistors and capacitors.

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Dimensions 34 × 32 × 10 cm


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