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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC

Series  : Mark IV


Product Description:

  • DS3800HUMB is a UNIVERSAL GENERATOR REGULATOR GE BOARD Manufactured By General Electric Under Mark IV Series. 
  • The board has retention levers on one end and a modular connector on the other.
  • Moreover, there is a red indicator Light and a reset toggle switch on the GE Universal Memory Board DS3800HUMB. 
  • Moreover, there are 30 jumpers and several erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) modules on the board.
  • The GE Universal Memory Board DS3800HUMB’s functional areas are divided into four quadrants, or functional zones. The division IDs are Quad A, Quad B, Quad C, and Quad D.
  • Furthermore, a set of jumpers that configure the quad’s processing are present in each division. Also included are single-pin connectors in each quad.
  • Quad D features four connectors for EPROM modules. A module may be installed quickly and easily thanks to the sockets.
  • Before usage, the modules must be kept in a static-protective bag. Static can easily harm the modules.
  • Static can obstruct the code stored on the modules and render it unreadable by the board’s components.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 34 × 32 × 10 cm


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