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Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)


Series: Mark V

Product Type: Exciter Power Supply Board


Product Description:

  • DS2020EXPSG3 is a GE Mark V Exciter Power Supply module for the EX2000 brushless generator excitation system.
  • The Exciter Power Supply module has three primary sections.
  • DS2020EXPSG3 includes a large metal base with an attached circuit board, a second metal tier with an attached circuit board, and a plexiglass shield.
  • The DS2020EXPSG3’s bottom metal carrier has two top hat flanges that have been drilled twice each to allow the unit to be readily installed in position.
  • A DS200GDPA board with heat sinks, transformers, fuse components, stab-on connections, transistors, high-voltage capacitors, and wire-wound resistors is the circuit board component on this level.
  • This module has several LED indicators. The electrical board at the top is labeled DS200EXPS. 
  • Through the use of numerous standoffs put into pre-drilled factory-made holes, it is mounted to the metal carrier. 
  • Along with different resistors and capacitors, the board is also equipped with terminal strips, heat sinks, metal oxide varistors, and inductor coils.


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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 39 cm


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