DS200TCCAG1BAA – I/O TC2000 Analog Board

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Manufacturer :  GENERAL ELECTRIC


Series : Mark V

Title: DS200TCCAG1BAA – I/O TC2000 Analog Board


Product Description:

  • DS200TCCAG1BAA is a I/O TC2000 Analog Board Manufactured by General Electric under Mark V Series.
  • One 80196 microprocessor and several programmable read-only memory (PROM) modules are included in the DS200TCCAG1BAA. 
  • Two 50-pin connectors and one LED are also included. The LED may be seen while viewing the board from the side. The IDs for 50-pin connectors are JCC and JDD. 
  • The PROM modules on the GE I/O TC2000 Analog Board DS200TCCAG1BAA contain the software and instructions used by the microprocessor and programmable logic device. 
  • The embedded data in PROMs can be removed and changed to a more recent version.
  • The Common Data Processor’s analog I/O card, DS200TCCAG1BAA, enables communication with all three controllers. 
  • The CTBA card connects the operator interface (I) to DS200TCCAG1BAA.

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