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Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)

Series: Mark V

Product Type: ARCNET Connection Card



  • DS200ACNAG1A is an ARCNET Local Area Network Connections Module developed by General Electric as a part of the Mark V series used in gas turbine control systems.
  • The main controller, IOS, protection module, and mark V turbine control panel are all connected via the ARCNET data link through the ACNA terminal board.
  • A coaxial cable is used for termination, and each ACNA is capable of terminating two coaxial cables.
  • Only the ARCNET model uses the connector ARCPL.
  • Due to its external location, the ARCNET Board, a simple PCB with two BNC connectors, is simple to install and remove from a Mark V or EX2000 drive system.
  • Among the components are three capacitors (C1/C2/C3), two transistors, one diode, and four metal film resistors (R1/R2/R3/R4).
  • DS200ACNAG1A, The board is made up of two metal-rimmed apertures that were carved into either side of the card; these are known as GND1 and GND2.
  • In the middle of the board are two communications relay devices, each of which has a printed relay schematic on the upper surface.
  • The ARCNET Connection Card is completed by two female BNC connectors and a single six-pin male vertical pin terminal connection that is situated in the middle of the board. These plugs are designed to facilitate LAN connectivity.

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