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MPN: 3500/40M (3500-40M)

Manufacturer: Bently Nevada

Series: 3500


Product Description:

  • 3500/40M (3500-40M) Bently Nevada’s Proximity Monitor is utilized in equipment condition monitoring systems. 
  • The 3500/40M (3500-40M) Proximitor Monitor is a four-channel monitor that takes input from Bently Nevada proximity transducers, analyzes the output to produce distinct vibration and position metrics, and then compares the processed signals to user-programmable alerts.

The user can assign any of the following tasks to any of the (3500-40M) 3500/40M’s channels using the 3500 Rack Configuration Software:

  • Radial Vibration
  • Eccentricity
  • Thrust Position
  • Differential Position
  • Differential Expansion

The 3500/40M (3500-40M) Proximitor Monitor’s main function is to deliver the following:

  1. Machine protection is accomplished by the use of warnings generated by regularly comparing observed data to predetermined alarm setpoints.
  2. Each channel often qualifies its incoming signal to create distinct parameters known as static values based on configuration, which both operations and maintenance workers require. 
  3. An alert setpoint may be established for each active static value, and a danger setpoint can be configured for any two active static values. 

The Phoenix Controls has a comprehensive inventory of Bently Nevada 3500/40M (3500-40M) spares. For more information on the product please contact us.

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