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MPN: 3500/32 (3500-32)

Manufacturer: Bently Nevada

Series: 3500/32



  • 3500/32 (3500-32) is a 4-Channel Relay Module Developed by Bently Nevada Under 3500/32 Series.
  • 3500/32 4-Channel Relay Module is a full-height module with four relay outputs.
  • 4-Channel Relay Modules can be inserted into any of the slots to the right of the Rack Interface Module in any number.
  • The appropriate voting logic can be implemented on each individual output of the 4-channel relay module.
  • Each relay on the 4-Channel Relay Module has “Alarm Drive Logic.” Alarm Drive Logic may employ alarming inputs (alerts and dangers) from any monitor channel in the rack or from a combination of monitor channels because it is designed using AND and OR logic.
  • The Alarm Drive Logic is programmed using the 3500 Rack Configuration Software to conform to the particular needs of the application.


Relay Specifications

  • One type is single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) relays.
  • Arc suppressor with 250 Vrms that is placed as standard by environmental sealing and is epoxy-sealed.
  • Contact life 100,000 cycles at 5 A, 24 Vdc, or 240


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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 36 × 32 cm


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