IS220PSVOH1B – UNUSED I/O Pack, Servo Interface Module

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Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: Mark VIe


Product Description: 

  • IS220PSVOH1B is an I/O Pack, Servo Interface Module manufactured by General Electric under Mark VIe Control Systems.
  • An electrical interface that joins one or two I/O Ethernet networks to a TSVO servo terminal board is the IS220PSVOH1B I/O Pack.
  • The component uses the WSVO servo driver module to control two servo valve position loops.
  • The PSVO’s front faceplate has several LED indicators.
  • In addition to a Power and Attn LED and two others known as ENA1/2, four LEDs show the status of the two Ethernet networks (ENet1/Enet2).
  • Additionally, the front of the pack has a single infrared port that is not used.
  • The Control System Toolbox application is used to set up the component after installation.
  • A processing board, local power sources, and an internal temperature sensor are all included in the box.
  • RAM and flash memory are other features of the IS220PSVOH1B board.
  • The board can be automatically modified after replacement. In the Component Editor of the ToolboxST program, this option can be enabled or disabled.
  • The Component Editor allows the operator to manually alter the module if they so choose. The I/O pack needs to be manually configured after a terminal board replacement.
  • To evaluate servo performance, one can utilize step current, mode, or position ramping. The trend recorder will show any deviations in the actuator stroke.

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