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Manufacturer: General Electric

Series Mark VIe


Product Description:

  • IS220PSCAH1A is an I/O pack Developed by GE as part of the Mark VIe series.
  • This pack can interface up to two input-output Ethernet networks and a serial communications board while it is in operation.
  • Six individually programmable serial transceiver channels on this board, compatible with RS485 half-duplex, RS232, and RS422 standards, are available.
  • A three-pin power input and two RJ45 Ethernet connectors are used to transmit the input required to power the PSCA pack.
  • The IS220PSCAH1A pack can run self-diagnostic checks, one of which involves checking the analog inputs that measure position and pressure to see if the high and low levels are customizable.
  • The limitations are utilized to latch or not latch, enable and disable functions, and create alarms.
  • Alarms 32-67, 114-119, 108-113, and 72-107 are a few that might go off. These sirens all signal various faults.
  • Ambient Temperature Range of IS220PSCAH1A is -40 to 158 ºF.

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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 cm


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