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Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: Mark VI



  • IS2020ISUCG1A is a Unit Controller Module Manufactured By General Electric Under Mark VI Series.
  • The TMS320C32 DSP processor, found on termination boards and I/O cards of the IS2020ISUCG1A, is used to digitally filter data before it is converted to 32-bit IEEE-854 floating point format.
  • An internal communications card, a main processor card, and an optional flash disk card are all included in the Control Module.
  • The main processor card occupies two slots, while the others occupy one.
  • Depending on the program, the main processor card will run the bulk of the application software in 10/20/40 ms.
  • The IS2020ISUCG1A uses IONet to communicate with other Mark VI control system modules.
  • The bus master in the Control Module is the VCMI card. This talks with slave stations over an Ethernet 10Base2 network.
  • The IS2020ISUCG1A is used for control, monitoring, and protection functions, although some applications will need backup protection, it is vital to mention.
  • Emergency overspeed protection is one such. A Backup Protection Module, which is offered in simplex or triple redundant forms, is always provided for turbines without a mechanical overspeed bolt in this application.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 39 cm


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