IS200VPYRH1B – Pyrometer Board – Unused

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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC


Title  : Hart Enabled Analog I/O Module

Series: Mark VI


Product Description:

  • IS200VPYRH1B is a VME Pyrometer Board Manufactured By General Electric under Mark VI Series.
  • Two pyrometers, also known as infrared TBTMS thermometers, as well as two keyPhasor proximitor probes for shaft reference are linked into the pyrometer terminal board (TPYR).
  • Dedicated analog to digital converters on the VPYR offer sampling rates of up to 200,000 samples per second for burst data from two temperature channels.
  • Offline, real-time evaluation and display of temperature data.
  • Through the use of two infrared pyrometers, the temperature profile of the rotating turbine blades is dynamically measured.
  • The terminal board, which is a diode selected from the voltages supplied by the three VPYR boards, contains a +24 V dc and a -24 V dc source that are used to power each pyrometer. 

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