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Manufacturer  :  GENERAL ELECTRIC

Series: Mark VI


Product Description:

  • IS200TAMBH1Ais a Acoustic Monitoring Terminal Board Manufactured By General Electric under Mark VI Controls Systems.
  • It functions in combination with the IS200VAMB board.
  • Third-party vendors including Vibro-meter, Bently-Nevada, and GE/Reuter-Stokes are supported by the IS200TAMBH1A.
  • An mV output from a CCSA board is intended to be received by the IS200TAMBH1A.
  • The VAMB may identify an open connection between the charge amplifier and the TAMB by using a high impedance dc bias.
  • There are two terminal boards on the IS200TAMBH1A: TB1 and TB2.
  • There are twenty-four connections on each of these boards. There are nine channels in all on the board.
  • The inputs are used to control the channels through DIN connectors on the board. They each attach to a pair of jumpers.
  • The board has a total of 18 jumpers that regulate the voltage and current inputs.
  • On the back edge of the IS200TAMBH1A are two D-type connectors. It is filled with a variety of capacitors and resistors.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 32 cm


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