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Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: Mark VI


Product Description:

  • IS200SAMBH1A is a Printed Circuit Board Manufactured By General Electric Under Mark VI series.
  • Acoustic Monitoring terminal board IS200SAMBH1A.  Thirty-six terminals on terminal strips on the twin terminal board allow the attachment of two-wire inputs, adding an additional eighteen inputs to the Acoustic monitoring system.
  • Additionally, the board contains terminal strips with 36 terminal connections set aside for the installation of 18 two-wire buffered outputs.
  • Usually, these outputs keep an eye on voltage signals.  Passive electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters are installed in the IS200SAMBH1A to guard against high-frequency noise coming from outside sources.
  • An connected metal frame that encloses the PCB’s four sides is a feature of the IS200SAMBH1A.
  • This frame features a number of flanges, including a top hat flange that is positioned along each long edge of the board that has mounting notches or holes drilled into it.
  • There are several codes, including FA/00, marked on the board surface. Board components are attached to the aforementioned frame using standoffs and screw mounts.
  • The board’s dimensions are 9.1 by 5.625 inches. Convection of air is used to cool things down.
  • Numerous jumper switches are present on the IS200SAMBH1A.  These are utilized to link the SigX line to the source of continuous current. 


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