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Manufacturer: General Electric


Series: Mark VI

Product Type: Gate Pulse Amplifier Board


Product Description:

  • IS200EGPAG1B is a EX2100 Gate Pulse Amplifier Board developed by General Electric.
  • This Pulse Amplifier Board is designed for the Mark VI series of gas/steam turbine systems 
  • Within the EX2100 Power Conversion Cabinet, the IS200EGPAG1B board performs six unique functions.
  • EX2100 Gate Pulse Amplifier Board Contains 6 transformers in a line, 13 heat sinks, 2 additional transformers.
  • This board also has five jumpers, a coil inductor, 13 high-voltage electrolytic capacitors and 2 CPU sockets.
  • A single vertical pin connector is available on this board.
  • The two thermal switches that are attached to the SCR heat sinks provide feedback to the IS200EGPAG1B board. 
  • These switches are linked directly to the IS200EGPAG1B and activate and open at the alarm level and trip level.
  • The switches have a trip level of 190°F and an alarm level of 170°F that they must achieve before being activated. 
  • The switches can either open independently or simultaneously; if only one of the switches opens, a bridge overheat alert has triggered; if both switches open, a trip and a fault have happened. 


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Dimensions 38 × 36 × 32 cm


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