IC3600SVDC1F1C – Vibration Detector Board

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Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: Mark II

Title: IC3600SVDC1F1C – Vibration Detector Board


Product Description:

  • IC3600SVDC1F1C is a Vibration Detector Board Manufactured By General Electric Under Mark II Series.
  • A metal plate is fastened to the side of the printed circuit board, or PCB, for the IC3600SVDC1F1C. 
  • This metal plate has six (6) sizable parts. There is a big red LED, or light-emitting diode, on top of the plate. 
  • There are five (5) large buttons below it, each serving a different function. These buttons come in two different colors—two black and three red. Many of the light blue resistors in the IC3600SVDC1F1C have a banded color pattern.
  • The printed circuit board is covered in these resistors. Transistors are also dispersed throughout the IC3600SVDC1F1C. 
  • Even though the majority of these transistors are tiny, black, and half-circle-shaped, there is at least one that is larger, silver, and round. 
  • The letter Q appears as the label on each transistor. The IC3600SVDC1F1C also has a number of capacitors. These capacitors come in a variety of colors; some are orange, while others are smaller and yellow.
  • The IC3600SVDC1F1C also has white and capacitors. There are a few capacitors that are rectangular in shape in addition to these circular capacitors. 
  • Also solid red, these. On the IC3600SVDC1F1C, a single blue variable resistor, often known as a potentiometer, is located close to the metal plate. 
  • On the IC3600SVDC1F1C, a few MOVs, or metal oxide varistors, are also included. These parts are rounded and brown or red in color.

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