IC3600SIXL- Speedtronic Relay Module Extender Card- RF

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Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)

Part No.: IC3600SIXL

Series: Mark I&II



  • The IC3600SIXL is a relay module extender card and it  is a component in the Mark I&II series by General Electric.
  • The IC3600SIXL is a rectangular, medium-sized circuit board. Most of the space on this printed circuit board is unoccupied.
  • A very lengthy set of silver metal prongs can be found along the right edge of the IC3600SIXL.
  • The numbers one through fifty-four are written in black along the border, and they usually increase by five.
  • The IC3600SIXL has a barcode on a white label directly underneath the part number.
  • The IC3600SIXL has two jumper ports on the left border, one at the top and the other at the bottom.
  • These are identified by the letters JC and JD, and each jumper port has two ports.
  • Between these two jumper ports, two blue connector ports have been connected to the PCB.


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