IC3600APAB1 – REFURBISHED – Speedtronic Power Amplifier Card

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Manufacturer: General Electric

Series Mark II


Product Description:

  • IC3600APAB1 is a Speedtronic Power Amplifier Card Developed by GE as part of the Mark II series.
  • There are four small circular transistors in the IC3600APAB1.
  • Two of the four transistors are mounted in brackets with a bent “U” form. On either side of the transistor are bolts and two metal screws for each bracket.
  • Eight large dark brown resistors and seven little dark brown resistors make up the IC3600APAB1.
  • The dark brown resistors have colored bands on them that, when combined with a color code, can be used to determine how much energy they can absorb.
  • Moreover, the long grey resistors in the IC3600APAB1 contain a printed indication of the amount of energy they can absorb.
  • There are 10 small blue beads-shaped diodes within the IC3600APAB1. Energy is moved in a single direction using diodes.
  • Two light emitting diodes, sometimes called diodes, are present in the IC3600APAB1. As energy passes through them, these LEDs light up.
  • The twenty-five double prong male terminal points of the IC3600APAB1 are used to connect it to other circuit boards. There are some of the prongs on these male terminal points that stand out horizontally, while others stick up vertically.
  • The prongs of the IC3600APAB1 are numbered 2 through 50. (in five level intervals). The IC3600APAB1 has General Electric’s logo and labels for every component.


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