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Manufacturer: General Electric

Part No.: DS3800XAIB

Series: Mark IV



  • The DS3800XAIB is a circuit board with several circuit board components on its surface.
  • GE Manufactured this component to use in Mark IV Gas Turbine Controls System.
  • On one half of the DS3800XAIB, there are twelve large components. Eight of these components are black in color and made of plastic, while the remaining four are gray in color and built of metal.
  • The initials ATB are used to identify these long components.
  • Many small banded resistors arranged in rows and patterned in various colors.
  • A number of larger resistors may also be found on the DS3800XAIB, which are brown in color and banded in a pattern of brown, gold, and white.
  • On the DS3800XAIB PCB, a sequence of little grey and black diodes can be seen.
  • A few jumper pins can also be found towards the center of the DS3800XAIB. In addition to the jumper pin, there are multiple blue jumpers. These jumpers can be used to link two pins that are next to each other.

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