DS200LDCCH1A – UNUSED – EX2000, Main Control Card

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Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)

Product Type: Excitation Card

Series: EX2000


Product Description:

  • DS200LDCCH1A is a Main Control Card  belonging to GE Excitation Series.
  • It mainly serves as a communications board for a drive control LAN (local area network).
  • DS200LDCCH1A offers primary drive Control LAN Communications Board (LDCC) and I/O control capabilities for the GE series of drives and exciters.
  • The Drive Control and LAN Control Board (LDCC), which also permits operator access and control via the Programmer keyboard, oversees LAN connectivity.
  • DS200LDCCH1A also features a drive control microprocessor that monitors start/stop sequencing, alarms, trips, and outer loop regulators, as well as motor control microprocessors that keep an eye on field voltage and current regulators, gating, and overcurrent protection.
  • Four microprocessors are used by the LDCC to process control, application, and I/O operations, Includes LAN control processor at location U18, the co-motor processor at location U35, the drive control processor (DCP) at location U1, and the motor control processor (MCP) at location U21.
  • The MCP controls I/O connections as well as the motor control circuits. 
  • When the MCP lacks the necessary processing capacity to perform complex math calculations, the CMP will step in to fill the gap. 
  • The board also has an alphanumeric keyboard that gives users access to system options and diagnostics.


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