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Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)

Series: Mark V



  • DS200DMCBG1A is a DOS DUP Processor Board Manufactured by General Electric Under Mark V Series.
  • The GE DOS DUP Processor Board DS200DMCBG1A has 19 jumpers, one 40-pin connector, and three 26-pin connectors.
  • Two extra LEDs are also present on the board.
  • This GE DS200DMCBG1 DOS DUP Processor Board also has a reset button that enables a qualified servicer to restore the board’s operations without having to restart the drive.
  • If the board seems to be experiencing intermittent problems or behaving erratically, the first step in the troubleshooting procedure is to open the board cabinet, locate the board, and press the reset button. For three seconds, press and hold the reset button before letting go. The board can then reset all signals and get back to business as usual.
  • Another feature of the DS200DMCBG1A board’s for troubleshooting is its two LEDs. The circuit board has red LEDs with the labels CR1 and CR12 on it.
  • The board’s LEDs are arranged in a group in one corner. The information that came with the board will explain what the LEDs represent when they are lit, so you can quickly investigate the LEDs if it appears that a problem is being caused by the board.
  • Another quick step in troubleshooting is to examine the two fuses on the circuit board. If the board stops operating or if some functions stop working, the fuses on the board are readily visible, and you can identify if they are blown. It is essential that you only use fuses with the same rating to replace blown ones.


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