330130-085-01-05 – Extension Cable

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Manufacturer:  Bently Nevada

MPN: 330130-085-01-05 

Series: 3300

Title: 330130-085-01-05 – Extension Cable


Product Description:

  • 330130-085-01-05 is an Extension Cable Manufactured By Bently Nevada under 3300 Series.
  • Proximity sensors are factory calibrated to AISI 4140 steel as they leave the factory. On-demand calibration to additional target materials is feasible. 
  • Bently Nevada Applications is a resource you might use. When evaluating this transducer system for tachometer or Overspeed measurements, be sure to keep in mind the variables to take into account when employing eddy current proximity probes for Overspeed protection applications. 
  • The non-XL 3300 5 and 8 mm components can be replaced with the 3300 XL 8 mm components both physically and technologically.
  • The 3300 XL Proximitor® Sensor is made to fit in the identical 4-hole mounting pattern when used with the identical mounting base’s 4-hole mounting pattern and will abide by the same mounting space requirements even if its packaging differs from that of its predecessor.
  • When XL and non-XL 3300 series 5 and 8 mm system components are coupled, system performance is restricted to the non-XL system standards for 5 and 8 mm transducers.
  • Although it has a lower physical footprint than an 8 mm probe (see Specifications and Ordering Information p/n 141605-01), the 3300-series 5 mm probe cannot be used with tighter side view clearances or tip-to-tip spacing.
  • This technique is applied when an 8 mm probe cannot be utilized due to physical limitations rather than electrical ones. In cases when narrow side view probes are required, use the 3300 NSvTM Proximity Transducer System.
  • A thicker encapsulation of the probe coil in the molded PPS plastic probe tip is offered by 8 mm probes. As a result, the probe’s durability increases.
  • The larger diameter of the probe body also provides a more robust and long-lasting housing. Wherever it is practicable, Bently Nevada suggests utilizing 8 mm probes for the best resilience against physical abuse.

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