IS2020LVPSG1A – REFURBISHED – MKVI, 28V Power Supply Module, w-335 V

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Manufacturer: GE

Series: Mark VI 


Product Description:

  • IS2020LVPSG1A is a VME Rack Power Supply Component in the Mark VI turbine control system Manufactured by General Electric.
  • A cable harness carrying power to the VME rack mates with two connections designed at the top of the power supply.
  • It is a 24 VDC 300 W power supply.
  • IS2020LVPSG1A allows redundant operations and has three +28V PSA outputs as well as a Status ID output.
  • On the faceplate is also a small removable panel with a toggle switch and green, red, and yellow LEDs and These are labeled normal, fault, and available, giving the user a quick overview of the board’s status at any given time.
  • The board is built with a large heat sink and several inputs that are clearly labeled.
  • This board was set up as a full module, with a faceplate that can be opened but is screwed closed at multiple points.
  • This board is one of seven VME rack power supply versions, each with its own set of input and output requirements.


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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 36 × 31 × 8 cm


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