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Part Number: IS200VVIBH1C

Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: Mark VI

Function: VME Card



  • General Electrics’ IS200VVIBH1C Vibration Monitor Board is a Mark VI product. The Vibration Monitor board processes vibration probe signals from the TVIB or DVIB terminal boards. Up to 14 probes can be directly attached to the terminal board. Two TVIB can be attached to the VVIB processor board.
  • The terminal board supports Bently Nevada Proximitor, Seismic, Accelerometer, and Velomitor probes. The VVIB boards power the vibration probes in either simplex or TMR mode.
  • The probe signals are returned to VVIB and A/D converted before being delivered to the controller via the VME bus. VVIB delivers -28 V dc to the terminal board for proximity power.
  • In TMR systems, a diode high-select circuit picks the highest -28 V dc bus for redundancy. Regulators provide individual excitation sources ranging from -23 to -26 V dc and are short circuit protected.
  • Probe inputs are captured at high speeds of up to 4600 samples per second during discrete time intervals. The highest and minimum readings are added together, and the difference (max-min) is used to compute vibration. The findings are then filtered. The resultant peak-to-peak voltage is scaled to create engineering units (EU) displacement for Proximitors inputs and engineering units (pk) velocity inputs from accelerometers, integrated outputs, seismics, and Velomitors.
  • Proximitors’ position data, Proximitors’ wideband vibration data, accelerometers with integrated outputs, Velomitors, and Seismics may all be used on channels 1 through 3. When using a Keyphasor probe, 1X and 2X information may be derived from Proximitors examining axial vibration data. Tracking filters are often used in LM applications that use accelerometers.
  • Channels 4-8 provide position data from Proximitors, as well as wideband vibration data from Proximitors, Velomitors, and Seismics. When using a Keyphasor probe, 1X and 2X information may be derived from Proximitors examining axial vibration data.
  • If vibration channels 14 through 21 are chosen, the Wideband Vibration Filtering feature operates at 4.6 kHz and 2.3 kHz, respectively. The vibration input is provided by the FPGA that controls the A/D and multiplier circuits. The gap filter, also known as the position filter, is a low pass filter with two poles and an 8 Hz cutoff frequency. The Gap Scaling and Limit Check functions make use of the gap filter’s output in volts.

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