MPN: IC697ACC722

Manufacturer: General Electric(GE)

Series: Mark I & II

Product Description:

  • IC697ACC722 is an INTERRUPT JUMPER, developed by GE to Use in Mark I & II Gas Turbine Systems.
  • To reserve a slot in the IC697 standard rack for future expansion, you can use the Blank Slot Interrupt Jumper, IC697ACC722, an accessory for the IC697 PLC.
  • When inserted into a vacant slot, this jumper enables the interrupt signal to continue through the backplane.


Installation of IC697ACC722

  • Before attempting any hardware installation, make sure the power to the rack is shut off. 
  • In an IC697 CPU rack or expansion rack, the Blank Slot Interrupt Jumper can be put in slots 2 through 8 of a nine-slot rack or slots 2 through 4 of a five-slot rack.
  • It is not required to reserve the last slot in a rack, such as slot 9 in a rack with nine slots or slot 5 in a rack with five slots.
  • Additionally, if you put this jumper in slot 1, a rack won’t function properly.


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 34 × 18 × 10 cm


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