IC3600VMPA1E – Mechanical Protective Circuit Board

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Series: Mark II

Title : IC3600VMPA1E– Mechanical Protective Circuit Board


Product Description:

  • IC3600VMPA1E is a Mechanical Protective Circuit Board from the General Electric Mark VI Series that is used in gas turbine control systems.
  • Three yellow capacitors, two red square capacitors, and one red circular capacitor make up the IC3600VMPA1E. 
  • For the circuit board to use later, these capacitors provide an electrical field to store excess energy. Over fifty metal male pins are present on the IC3600VMPA1E. 
  • The IC3600VMPA1E is connected to the surrounding setup via these metal pins.
  • There are over twenty striped resistors in the IC3600VMPA1E. The circuit board’s energy flow is slowed down by the employment of these striped resistors.
  •  Additionally, the IC3600VMPA1E includes a variety of diode kinds. An element that regulates energy flow is a diode. Through a diode, energy can only travel in one way. One spherical silver transistor and around six tiny black transistors make up the IC3600VMPA1E. 
  • To modify or amplify electrical power or electronic impulses, a transistor is utilized. There are eight integrated circuits in the IC3600VMPA1E. 
  • The circuit board’s integrated circuits are utilized to store all the data and programming. 
  • Integrated circuits are divided into two categories: EPROMs and EEPROMs. The EPROMs, as opposed to the EEPROMs, can be updated as new programming becomes available, despite the fact that they both store the information.

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