IC3600ADAD1 – GE Speedtronic Diode D/A Converter Board

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Manufacturer: General Electric


Series: Mark II

Title : IC3600ADAD1 – GE Speedtronic Diode D/A Converter Board


Product Description:

  • IC3600ADAD1 is a FANUC Diode Converter Card D/A Manufactured By General Electric For Mark II series.
  • Two corner holes are bored into the IC3600ADAD1.  Numerous pieces of information are written on the board.  
  • This comprises the specific board identification number, the revision code, and all component identification markers.  One edge has five-digit numbers from 1 to 50.
  •  There are 25 metal right-angle pins with these numbers printed underneath them.
  •  Through-hole fixed components are used in the construction of the IC3600ADAD1.  You can attach components either vertically or horizontally. Diodes, resistors, and capacitors are included in this.  
  • On the board are two aluminum electrolytic capacitors rated at 50V and two polyester vinyl capacitors with ratings of 200 VDC +/- 10%.   
  • Three trim potentiometers are also integrated into the board and are placed parallel to one another in the corner. These parts can be used for voltage division because they are variable resistors.

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