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Manufacturer: General Electric



Series: Mark V


Product Description:

  • DS200TCDAH1BJE is a DIGITAL I/O BOARD Manufactured By GE as part of the Mark V Series.
  •  Eight jumpers, one LED on the board’s side, and two 3-pin connections are all included in the DS200TCDAH1BJE.
  • Two 50-pin connectors and one block of ten LEDs are also included. 
  • The LED on the board’s side has the ID CR9. It is green when illuminated and shows that the board is receiving energy. 
  • To demonstrate that the board is processing information, the LED flashes.
  •  A board that is not receiving power or not responding to voltage will not have an LED that is lighted.
  •  When the board is mounted in the rack cabinet between other boards, the LED is visible. The LED is visible through the rack cabinet glass..
  • Through the 50-pin connectors on the board, the DS200TCDAH1BJE is connected to the DS200DTBA and DS200DTBB boards. 
  • JQ and JR are the IDs for the 50-pin connectors. The connection between the boards is made possible via 50-pin ribbon cables that are run into the interior of the drive.
  •  Cable routing is crucial because it reduces the signal’s exposure to interference from other cables in the drive.
  • The JP connector on the DS200TCDAH1BJE transfers power from the TCPS board in the R1 and R5 cores to the Q11 and Q51 cores, respectively.

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