531X307LTBAFG1 – LAN Terminal Board

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Manufacturer:  General Electric

Series: GE Excitation 2000

Title: 531X307LTBAFG1 – LAN Terminal Board


Product Description:

  • 531X307LTBAFG1 is a LAN Terminal Board Manufactured by General Electric Under Excitation 2000 Series.
  • This 531X307LTBAFG1 board comes in two variations.  Unlike the G2 LTB board, which lacks these inputs and instead uses dc input signals from connector terminals, the G1 LTB is constructed with eight 24VDC input connectors.
  • Three terminal strips are positioned along one long edge of the 531X307LTBAFG1.  In addition to the aforementioned input connections, the board also features two male vertical pin connectors along the opposite edge.   
  • Additionally, the board contains a lengthy row of LED indicators that run the length of the board. There are a total of 15 LED indicators.    Transistors, seven relays, several metal oxide varistors, resistors, diodes, and capacitors are some of the additional 531X307LTBAFG1 board components.   
  • The board is identified by the GE logo, the board ID number, and a barcode that is located close to its center.   Additionally, reference identifiers are marked on each component individually. 
  • It is crucial to remember that each board replacement should start with the board’s power being turned off.  This is done to lower the risk of electric shock and to guard against potential drive or equipment damage.  


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