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Product Description:

  • 531X305NTBAPG1 is an NTB/3TB Terminal Board designed by GE for the EX2000 Excitation system. 
  • The drive (or exciter) cabinet holds the 531X305NTB (NTB/3TB) board.
  •  The connection connections for the bulk of external signal-level I/O for the drive (or exciter) are located on the board, along with passive interface circuitry.
  • Plugs 6PL and 8PL from the drive control board, 2PL and 4PL from the power supply board, COMPL from the terminal board 3TB, and 2PL and 4PL from external equipment connected to the NTB/3TB.


The NTB/3TB supports the following power outputs for external use:

  • Regulated voltages of +5 V DC and 15 V DC, each with a current capability of 300 mA
  • Unregulated dc 24 V, 500 mA current capacity
  • 120 V ac, 0.5 A current capacity
  • Encoder Interface 
  • The NTB/3TB includes a differential A-quad-B encoder interface with a marker channel that may be used to connect to the drive. 
  • This circuit is optically separated on the drive control board.
  • Jumpers are supplied in the NTB/3TB to allow the interface to be configured for +5 V or 15 V encoders. 
  • Hardware jumpers are used to bias unconnected inputs to +24 or -24 V dc depending on whether positive or negative logic is utilized. 
  • When installed, this card provides access to a number of interface tools not included with the drive. 
  • Uses for low-level analog I/O, encoders, serial and relay outputs, and power supply are just a few. When installed, the NTB/3TB terminal board offers both regulated and unregulated power sources.
  • Users can select a range of board configurations to match their specific load requirements. The 531X305NTBAPG1 board’s jumpers may be used to modify the 5V and 15V encoders.
  • The host drive may be powered by regulated 5 VDC and 15 VDC sources, as well as unregulated 24 VDC or 120 VAC supply. 
  • There are additionally seven form A and form C relay outputs on the board. 
  • All integrated relays contain contacts rated at 120 VAC. There are additionally four potentiometers on the 531X305NTBAPG1 board for scaling low-level analog I/O.


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