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MPN : 330100-90-00

Manufacturer:  Bently Nevada

Series: 3300


Product Description:

  • 330100-90-00 is a PROXIMITOR SENSOR Manufactured by Bently Nevada Under 3300 series.
  • A proximity probe for monitoring and protecting against equipment vibration is the Bently Nevada 330100-90-00. 
  • A brand of condition monitoring and protection tools for rotating machinery, such as turbines, generators, compressors, and pumps, is called Bently Nevada.
  • The 330100-90-00 Proximity Probe is intended to assess shaft rotation speed, vibration, and location in both radial and axial directions. 
  • It frequently works in tandem with other Bently Nevada monitoring systems to deliver thorough machine protection and diagnostic data.
  • A spring-loaded tip of the probe makes contact with the rotating shaft, converting the mechanical motion into an electrical signal. 
  • After that, a monitoring system receives this signal for analysis and possible action.
  • Overall, the Bently Nevada 330100-90-00 Proximity Probe is a crucial part of making sure that crucial machinery in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, and chemical processing, operates reliably, safely, and effectively.


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