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MPN: 18745-04

Manufacturer: Bently Nevada

Series: 3300


Product Description:

  • 18745-04 PROXIMITOR SENSOR is part of the Bently Nevada 3300 Series. 
  • It is a component of the proximity transducer system for Bently Nevada 7200 5mm / 8mm series.
  • The 18745-04 can withstand temperatures between -50 and 100 degrees Celsius.

Functional Description of 18745-04:

  1. A non-contact sensor called a proximity sensor detects the existence of an object when it enters its field of view.
  2. The system, which measures both static and dynamic distances between the probe tip and the observed object, is a non-contacting gap-to-voltage transducer system. All situations necessitates a precise, non-contact displacement measurement due to its broad applicability.
  3. However, shaft position and vibration measurements on rotating and reciprocating machinery are the most common application. They are designed to work with almost any kind of machine, including electric motors, generators, pumps, centrifuges, gas and steam turbines, compressors, and pumps. The system complies with API 670 and has a linear measuring range of 80 mil (2 mm).
  4. A probe with a built-in coaxial cable, an extension cable, and Proximitor make up a system. The 3300 and 9000 Monitoring Systems are compatible with all 7200 proximity transducer systems. 

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 34 × 18 × 10 cm


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