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Series: Mark VI



Product Description:

  • IS200TRLYHIB is a Relay Output Terminal Board Manufactured By General Electric Under Mark VI Series.
  • The Relay Output with Coil Sensing (TRLY1B) terminal board has 12 magnetic plug-in relays. Jumpers can be used to configure the first six relay circuits to drive external solenoids or dry, Form-C contact outputs. 
  • A basic 125 V dc or 115/230 V ac supply or an optional 24 V dc source with movable fuses and onboard suppression can be provided for field solenoid power. 
  • On output 12, an isolated Form-C contact is utilized for specific applications, such as ignition transformers.

Compatibility of IS200TRLYHIB

  • When using the TRLY 1B, the PDOA/YDOA I/O pack supports simplex and TMR applications. 
  • The I/O pack can be plugged into the DC-37 pin connections on the terminal board. 

Features of IS200TRLYHIB

  • There are enormous black terminal blocks on the board’s left edge. There are twenty-four silver metal terminals in each block of terminals. There are 48 terminals altogether. Each terminal has been labeled in white type on the terminal blocks. The board has four connector ports on the right side.
  • The bottom connector port is parallel to the fourth connector port, which is positioned between the three vertically aligned connector ports on the edge. 
  • Each relay has a transistor on each side of it. Each transistor is linked with a spherical red MOV, also known as a metal oxide varistor. Five of these relays are vertically positioned on the top of the board. Five additional relays have been aligned on the lowest part of the PCB.

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