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Manufacturer :  GENERAL ELECTRIC

Series : Mark VI



Product Description:

  • IS200TICIH1A is a CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY Manufactured by General Electric under Mark VI Series.
  • For usage with the VCCC board, the Isolated Digital Input Terminal Board IS200TICIH1A was created.
  • The TICI board was created to operate similarly to the TBCI board. This device has the capacity to detect voltages across switches, relay circuits, and fuses and is commonly used to provide voltage detection. 
  • As stated previously, with the exception of a few functions that the TICI board has but the TBCI board does not, the two boards are almost identical.
  • Examples include input voltage ranges and hardware filtering input. The primary hardware filtering inputs for AC and DC applications are different time delays.
  •  A nominal fifteen millisecond latency delay exists between the two applications.
  • The range for DC applications is eight milliseconds, but the range for AC applications is thirteen milliseconds. 
  • One thing to keep in mind about the ranges is that, as long as it falls within the parameters of the chosen application, they can be either less than or higher than fifteen.
  • Additionally, the IS200TICIH1A board contains input voltages that the TBCI board does not, including one of the following: 190 to 264 VRMs, operating at 47–63 Hz, with a nominal of 230 VRMS, and a potential detection threshold of 35–76 VAC. 
  • When using the model with applications operating at 230 VRMS, consideration must be given to the clearance and creepage constraints of the TICI board. The creepage/clearance should be at 230 volts on a single phase when NEMA criteria are being satisfied. 


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