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Manufacturer:  General Electric

Title : DS3800DADB – AUX 12 BIT A/D CONV


Series: Mark IV


Product Description:

  • DS3800DADB is a AUX 12 BIT A/D CONV Designed by GE Under Mark IV series.
  • The DS3800DADB comes with a 20-pin ribbon cable and three pin-type connections. 
  • There are extra connectors filled on the GE Gas Turbine Control Board DS3800DADB for connecting various components. 
  • The board is 6 inches long and 3.5 inches tall. It is made to fit in a board rack that has slots for various types of boards and other devices inside the drive. 
  • The boards are optional devices that offer various functionalities depending on the kind of processing needed by the site.
  • The 20-pin ribbon wire transmits signals that instruct the board to carry out specific processing tasks. 
  • The board receives some of the signals from other boards for processing. To other boards and components, other signals are sent. 
  • It’s crucial to follow excellent procedures when you disconnect the ribbon cable because it’s short and fixedly attached to the board. 
  • Never grab the board while trying to remove the ribbon cable from the connector. The connector at the end of the ribbon cable can easily be disconnected by doing this to the small wires. 
  • You’ll see that the ribbon cable receives very little support, so caution is required. Grab the connector at the ribbon cable’s end and pull it away from the connector on the board to disconnect the ribbon cable. 
  • Check the ribbon cable from time to time for signs of wear at the connector and the ribbon cable. Check to see if the wires seem to have come loose from the connector; if so, replace the ribbon cable.


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